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The American Academy of Beirut (AAB) has been established by a group of community leaders who saw a need for a select college preparatory school in Beirut. The goal of AAB is to provide an educational environment that stimulates the intellectual, ethical and physical development of each of its students in a supportive, caring atmosphere. AAB wishes to foster the virtues of self-reliance, determination, responsibility, creativity, community spirit and love of learning. With an outstanding faculty and challenging curriculum, students will develop a ''Can-succeed'' attitude and have the skills and knowledge to enter first-class universities worldwide.

About AAB
AAB is a co-educational day school enrolling students in Nursery through Grade 12 Its program is modeled after the better preparatory American schools as well as its Lebanese official curriculum. Small classes and substantial individual help are offered, leaving room for a student faculty ratio of eight to one (8-1). Faculty members also serve as mentors, coaches and advisors that contribute to the student character building. The Academy strives to attract: an international and local Student body and faculty in order to create a multi-cultural school atmosphere.

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