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Marathon 2015

Snow Trip 2014- 2015

AAB is organizing a snow trip for the grades 1 till 7 on February 6th, and for grades 8 till 12 on February 13th



Halloween 2013- 2014

Custume Parade

Pumpkin Carving















Student life on campus
AAB believes that every student can be a citizen/leader. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the management of the school through their student organization, peer tutoring and activities. Students also learn to be of service by participating in a number of community service projects

Field trips
Students learn by participating in and experiencing their own and other cultures. Field trips are an integral part of AAB education.

University Planning
The goal of AAB education is to provide each student with the skills and motivation that will enable him/her to obtain an outstanding university education. Starting from the Middle School, advisors will be working with students on career planning.





The AAB students celebrated Halloween on Campus

A Parade toole place and prizes were distributed to students with the most original costume

October 20-2012





Christmas Celebration at AAB.

The spirit of joy and happiness Spread among the school family.

The event took place on the 21st of December 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

AAB Administration




Snow Trip


The AAB Student Enjoyed this Trip where they road on the skidoo and skied down the slopes

Big Dance Pictures



Trip To Downtown








British Council Art Competition AAB Second Award




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