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Academic Program
Both Secondary school programs (The American and Lebanese), grades 10-12 are designed to equip students with the adequate college preparation and wise guidance in order to achieve the respective competencies and excel in reaching further goals.
The Intermediate School Program, grades 7-9 provides each student with the skills and self-confidence to be successful in high school and beyond.
The Elementary School Program, grades 1-6, concentrates on languages (English and Arabic), mathematics, sciences, social studies, and foreign language (French). The students also participate in art, music, and physical education. Reading, writing, vocabulary development, reasoning and computer skills are emphasized. The focus is on skill development.
The infant School, Nursery, KG1, and KG2 establishes a strong foundation in English and Arabic (stressing Phonics) and mathematics. French is introduced as well as art, music and physical education activities. Social skills are also emphasized, and each student's progress is monitored with frequent parental contact.

AAB offers a Remedial Intervention Program which uses pull out sessions for students with learning difficulties. This program is individually customized to allow the student to progress in areas of weakness.

Learning Center
AAB recognizes that each student is a unique person with his/her own background, potential, and learning style. The Learning Center seeks to meet the need of students with learning differences. Students will receive an individualized program tailored to meet their specific needs. Each student receives one-on-one and small group instruction from an experienced, highly trained faculty and staff.

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