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Faculty & Staff

Faculty members are recruited internationally and locally. They are knowledgeable in their subject areas, concerned about their students' progress and are willing to make an extra effort with their students as coaches, sponsors and advisors. An advisor is appointed for each class from preschool to grade 12 and they act as mediators between the students and the administration. A character education program in addition to advisory are given in a weekly session from Nursery to grade 6.




Teacher Subject Grade
Abdallah Najem Sociology 10L - 11L - 12L
Dina Awerke Art LC
Fadwa Annous English-Math-Science LC6
Faten Karaki English-Math-Science LC4
Fatima Karaki Math-English-Science-Social Skills LCA5
Elham Abdallah Philosophy 11L-12L
Ghada Solh Economics-Math-SAT ECON-Nutrition for life-Decision for Health 9A-10A-10L-11A-12A
Hasan Awerke Arabic 8A-9A-10A-10L-11L-12A-12L
Hoda Medawar Math - SAT 11A-11L-12A-12L
Karin Schasmin Math-Science-Social Studies-Coordinator LCA1
Khaled Fayad Economics 12L
Lamia Talih French KG1->9 - LC
Laila Fawaz Biology 10-11-12
Lana Jarkas English-Math-Science-Social Skills LCA4
Mona Mokadem P.E. LC->12
Maha Bitar Science - Math 1-2-5-6-7
Manal Sayed Yoga KGS-1-2-3
May Yazbeck Arabic LCA1-LCA5-LCA6
Maha Fanous Arabic 2-3- REM 4
Maha Aswad ART KGS->9
Mourtada Mourtada Math 12L
Mona Farsakhoury Assistant LCA3
Mohamad Jaafil Music Kg1->7-LC
Mohamad Shatila History-Geography-Civics 9->12
Mohamad Ladki Physics 8L-9A-9L-10A-10L-11A-11L-12A-12L
Najwa Mourtada Math - SAT 9L-10L-11L-11A
Nadia Mokhalati Computer KG1->6
Nanette Ghandour Rem English- Special Education Coordinator REM 4-7-8
Nelly Alajajian Asistant LCA7
Rania Najem English-Socail Studies-Science 5-6
Randa Dargham Biology 9L-12L
Rania Abdallah Computer 7-8A-8L-9A-9L-10A-10L-11A-11L-12A
Raghida Houjeir Math 1-2-6-REM 7
Rihab Salman Arabic 8L-9L-11A
Samar Dana Assistant KG1-KG2-KG3
Samar Jaber Math-English-Science-Social Skills LCA2
Sahar Shab Arabic LCA1-3-5
Safa Shehab Science - Math 3-4-5
Sara Mhanna Math -Science - Chemistry 7-8L-8A-9A-10A-11A
Sara Baghdadi English-Science-Social Studies Kg-2-3
Sawsan Rustom English-Social Studies 7-8A-8L-9A-9L-10A-10L-11A-11L-12A
Yasmin Tamim Math 4-5-6
Yasmin Tannir ENG-Science-Social Studies1-REM 2 4-5-6
Zeina Abrach English-Math-Science-Social Studies LCA5
Zeina Salem Arabic KG1-KG2-KG3-1-6
Zeinab Fahs Occupational Therapy LC
Zeina Fakhry Chemistry 9L-10L-11L-12L-12A




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